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Alternative Ways of Buying and Selling Your Home Course - DreamWeaversStore

Buying and Selling Your Home (Video Course)

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Strategies To A Successful Home Buying and Selling Experience.

In this Video course, you will learn:

1. Non-traditional ways of Buying and Selling Your Home.

2. How to Buy a Home and sell your current Home without having two mortgages.

3. The limitations of Traditional Real Estate buying and selling.

4. Trade in, Rent-Back Agreement, Contingency, and Home Equity line of Credit.

5. Comparison between Opendoor and Knock.

6. Buying and selling with HomeLight.

7. Comparisons between Traditional buying, Knock, OfferPad, OpenDoor, and Orchard.


Grab your own  Course today! In this eye-opening program, you will learn how to buy and sell your house in an unconventional way and learn how to save time and money. No longer will you have to let the market dictate your next move as far as buying or selling your home.

Millennials have continuously led in the number of new home buyers in the country, constituting 35 percent of the total home buyers. Notably, a good percent of new home buyers have been married couples.

The detached single-family home remains the most common type of home that’s been purchased over the years.

Nowadays, there are several alternative ways of buying and selling homes than traditional models of looking for real estate listings and contacting realtors. Most people looking for a new home are likely to head straight to the internet to see what is available in their area of preference, price, and size.

For a long time, the only way to sell or buy a home has been through estate agents; however, if you are sick and tired of using this method, you can consider alternative buying and selling methods.


In this course, you will be exposed to various alternative methods of buying and selling your home. These methods will both save you time and money.

Get this course now.

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